Learn about Jack Hughes & Thomas the Rhymer

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Chapter 1 Kidnapped

Jack Hughes spys on his brother hoping to hear what's wrong with Mum & Dad.

Dan & Alison aren't in the mood for talking

A bit more of Chapter 1

Jack cannot tell his parents Dan magically vanished.

That night, he dreams the beautiful lady kidnaps him

A little more

In a dream, the beautiful lady drags Jack through dark forbidding woods.

He regrets all those horror movies he never should have watched

Read some of Chapter 2

Jack dreams of Narnia, Dan's favourite childhood books & films

Meet the fairy queen Sylvie

The beautiful lady appears to Jack

The strange tramp

Jack is spooked when he realises no one else sees a weird tramp

Dan ran away

Jack dreams of Dan held prisoner in a sinister magical land

 Still a nightmare

Jack sees the tramp in his room

He thinks it's a nightmare until he hears the thump of boots on the carpet

Standing up for yourself

 Sick of being terrorised, Jack confronts the tramp

Meet Catherine

Jack thinks the tramp is following him

It is only Catherine, his clever & unpopular classmate

 The Bullies

Bullies torment Catherine & Jack

Meet Ken

A boy called Ken saves Jack & Catherine

Ken has psychic powers

Meet Rosie

Ken's mum Rosie thinks the lady & the tramp are fairies

Catherine rudely says she does not believe in fairies

 The Fairy Roads

Running from the tramp, Jack and friends stumble onto fairy road

They are whipped away at incredible speed

The Old Church Inn

The journey ends at a church door, which becomes transparent at Catherine's touch

They have travelled miles in the wink of an eye

Meet the Dragon-men

Shadowy figures hunt  Jack & friends on the fairy roads

 Meet Thomas the Rhymer

The tramp traps Jack, Catherine & Ken

They are surprised when he cries & speaks in rhyme

Meet Horatio Grin

   Mr Grin claims he can rescue Dan from the fairies

   Mr Grin's beautiful colleague, Agnes Day, bewitches the boys

Meet Agnes Day

 Wanting to use Thomas the Rhymer to catch a fairy queen, Agnes Day coldly manipulates the boys

                                              Trapped by griffins

Agnes Day sends Jack into the fairy realm where two enormous griffins hunt  him

Meet the fairy queen Bess

The friends take Thomas the Rhymer to look for Bess, the powerful fairy queen of London

They are shocked to find her a frail old woman

                           Learn about Bess's tapestry

Touching Bess's magical tapestry Catherine is caught in a fairy dream

The boys try to rescue her

                                     London at night

They escape from London on a fairy road along the River Thames

Musclebound Vic

They meet musclebound Vic in his wonderful stinky van  

The last map

Catherine learns how to use Bess's map of fairyland to find Sylvie


Hunted by huge griffins, they realise how to bring Thomas home

The Good Shepherd

Agnes Day & her thugs lie in wait at the start of the fairy road


Thomas vanishes, leaving Jack, Catherine & Ken to face Sylvie's monstrous griffins

 The madding crowd

They find Queen Sylvie & Thomas in a fantastical masked ball

Jack demands Dan's release

The last twist

As in all the best fairy tales, Sylvie allows Jack three guesses to find his brother
With only Bess's last prophecy to guide him

Jack must make the decision of his life