24    Vic and his wonderful stinky van

After flying down the Thames, through the city to the coast, they meet Vic

& his wonderful stinky van. 

Vic’s van was just as amazing.  It was painted in psychedelic day glow colours and sported huge motifs of the earth tree, flowers, doves, rainbows and peace signs.
Art: Gloria Dexter

Vic was only short, about five foot, but massively muscular with incredibly broad shoulders. His bulging arms were covered in tattoos and his cut-off lumberjack shirt was open to reveal huge chest muscles under a thin, tight t-shirt. He sported long sandy hair tied in a ponytail and a chin beard woven into a thin plait.

“Is he a dwarf?” Jack muttered in awe.

“You cheeky bugger!” came Vic’s reply.

Rosie laughed self-consciously. “I think they’ve been watching Lord of the Rings a bit too often.”

Vic winked, laughing too. He turned to the lads who could not take their eyes off his massive muscular shape, “Don’t you know nothing I’m too tall for a dwarf I am. And anyway wouldn’t I have an axe and a big bushy beard?”

“How did you know we’d be here?” Rosie enquired.

“Polly has a device that fits in your hand and lets you speak to anyone, anywhere. It’s amazing. Do you want to see?”

Everyone nodded eagerly, even Thomas.

Vic pulled out his mobile phone. “Ta-dah!”

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