Who are the Daughters of Albion? 


Some say, they are the wives and mothers of the fallen of Britain, who come at every calamity, Black Death, War of the Roses, the execution of the King. They were seen in the plague and the great fire that followed.  In the blitz, they wandered the alleys of Paternoster Square on the night Saint Paul’s was bombed.

Is it as the old monk Gildas said, all that time ago? 

Has the ruin of Britain come again?

And what of the daughters of Albion?

Do they foretell catastrophe? 

Or do they cause it?

 Daughters of Albion

Almost a year has passed since the rescue of Jack’s brother Dan.

Friendless and alone on her birthday, Catherine thinks she is going mad when she sees tiny golden fairies in her garden. Her fears are confirmed when a pottery garden gnome comes to life and says Bess needs help. 

Bess is dying and only the thirteenth treasure can save the fairy world from  extinction. Signs and portents are everywhere and the daughters of Albion once more roam the byways of old London town.   

The problem with the thirteenth treasure is, no one knows if it exists, or even what it is.

So begins a new adventure taking the three friends deeper into the fairy world than they have ever been before and uniting them with friends old and new. 

Madog: the one hundred fifty year old Elfin lord, a shape shifter who can become one with animals. 

Lisa: a powerful young fairy queen with a, literally, fiery temper.

Ken’s father Stacey & his fierce band of faithful gypsies

You will...

Marvel as Mister Grin summons archangels with spells from ancient Babylon

Thrill at what Jack learns to do to rescue his friend

Gasp as Catherine confronts a ravenous brood of fairy queens in the ancient stone circle of Avesbury

Shudder at the explosive climax in Stonehenge, the most powerful ancient site in Britain, as Ken and Lisa battle an old enemy intent on revenge.

“That’s the Old Bailey, standing on the site of old Newgate Gaol,” said Polly. “For five hundred years the place was a stinking monster devouring all the poor souls who entered. If those evil old stones could speak, what horror stories they would tell. I would not be surprised if we saw ghosts this night,”

The procession ground to a halt. Distracted, Polly stood up to peer over the front of the car. “What’s going on?” she demanded to know.

“Ghosts?” Jack suggested innocently. 

His joke misfired for ghosts there were. Coming through the walls of a small church opposite the Old Bailey were two-dozen spectral shapes carrying long white candles. Walking in pairs, they were draped from head to foot in white. Even the faces were covered with long white veils; the only colour from garlands of ivy around their foreheads.

“Holy Mary mother of God,” said Polly making the sign of the cross, like the good Irish Catholic she was. “I’m not much of a believer, but still it does not harm,” she explained sheepishly to Rosie. 

Turning to the children she crowed triumphantly, “You see I was right! Ghosts they are! Ghosts of the poor damned come to pay their respects, for that is Saint Sepulchre the Church of Newgate, where the bodies of the executed were brought.”

“No, you are wrong,” said a voice behind her.  

It was so quiet it made Polly jump.

“Madog!” she exclaimed. “What are you playing at?”

“Hush,” he told her. “They are no ghosts. They are the Daughters of Albion.”

“Then calamity is on us,” exclaimed Polly, crossing herself again, which made it twice in as many minutes.

from the Daughters of Albion



“Stonehenge is a massive junction for ley lines,” Madog told them. “We Elfin are tuned to the energies of the ley lines and that’s why we can travel on them so easily.  It is also why we feel what’s coming.” 

    “And what is coming?” Polly interrupted impatiently.

    “The end of the Elfin.”

    “The legend of the ruin!” she wailed dramatically.

      Madog held up his hands for quiet.

     “We have seen what the girl can do and there is no doubt she is very powerful, but I think Ken magnifies her powers.  If the girl becomes angry in the middle of Stonehenge and Ken is with her, all the fury will pour down the ley lines and burn out the circuit. The shock will hit everyone with elfin blood. It might even kill many of us.”

     “It could take decades for the ley lines to build up enough energy again,” said Mr Grin. “And in the meantime the remainder of the elfin will be left defenceless and without any means of escape, while the Mages hunt them down.” 

     “Ken and the girl will be at the heart of the shock wave,” Madog reminded everyone. “Much of the energy will go outwards but it will feed on them and they will be left so weak, they might never recover.”

    “This is what Agnes Day wants, isn’t it?” said Catherine. “It means she has months, even years, to bring them under control as they slowly get better.”

    Mr Grin nodded. “She certainly will have thought of it Catherine. She is every bit as clever as you. In her eyes it is a win-win situation.”

from the Daughters of Albion


Ken recognised Polly. He could not believe it at first, but gradually his face lit up. He pulled the other tramp by the arm saying something.

    “You two stop right there!” roared a woman’s voice.

    “Agnes,” said Polly causing Stacy and Madog to spring up from the table.

   Of course, Ken and Lisa did not stop right there as they were told. They ran for the tunnel. It was exactly what Agnes wanted. She put a hand on the arm of each of her men keeping them back, just as if she was letting Ken and Lisa get a head start before unleashing the hunters.

    Stacey and Madog bounded out of the café and one look at them told Agnes everything had changed.

    “I’ll get the kids,” she muttered and ran off barking orders into her blue-tooth.

    Stacey heard the van door open in the car park as he squared up to the security men. The man smiled insolently, secure in the knowledge of the good pasting he was going to hand out and Stacey ran up and kicked him right where it hurt. Madog was just as quick, punching and chopping like lightening.

    “I didn’t know you knew karate,” said Stacey as he kicked his man in the face. By the sounds of it, things were going just as well in the car park, where Stacy’s men had the element of surprise on their side.

    “Stop messing around. We need to stop Agnes,” said Madog grimly.

    “I wasn’t aware I was messing around!” replied Stacey, kicking and punching as hard as he could. These soldiers were tough.

    Agnes followed Lisa and Ken into the tunnel. She gave a small sigh of relief because everything was still on track. It was time to give them a good scare with a little Fool’s Fire.  

    She chanted the words, “Ignis fatuus!”

    Immediately blue white fireballs formed around at her hands.

    Vivatuli!” she cried flinging a stream of plasma lightening down the tunnel to discharge on the wet grass in a satisfying display of sparks and bangs.

    Ken and Lisa watched in horror, frozen to the spot. 

    “Come on Lisa!” Ken grabbed her hand and pulled her forwards towards Stonehenge. Lisa was getting dangerously hot and the stone ring was far away. 

     All around them lightening cracked and whipped, leaving the stink of burnt smoke and ozone. All Ken thought about was what would happen if they didn’t make it to the circle. He looked back at Agnes, now out of the tunnel and walking up the path. Her hands were balls of ghostly flame glowing brighter. Behind her Polly came charging out of the tunnel. Ken’s heart leapt. They were saved.

     Polly used the only weapon she had, her handbag, and once she was in striking distance she swung it up and gave Agnes a mighty whack around the head. Agnes stumbled forward firing off yet more thunderbolts. This time they hit Ken and Lisa. The force blew Ken off his feet. He lay in the wet grass smelling singed hair and burnt out wiring.  

    Lisa was floating above the ground writhing in a ball of superheated plasma burning yellow and red. Something was wrong. He could see it and he knew Polly saw it too. The plasma flow still poured from Agnes to Lisa in ghostly blue white streams but it was as though Agnes had lost control and could not stop. 

     The aura around Lisa got hotter and hotter. Ken heard the hiss of rain turning to steam as it touched the surface. Something was happening to Agnes too. The lightening balls on her hands travelled up her arms and all over her body, forming a plasma bubble like the one around Lisa.  

    Lisa rose up higher into the air dragging Agnes with her. The tenuous twisting ghostly streams that bound them slowly began to turn electric blue, acid green, yellow, orange, cherry red.  Agnes’s hair floated around her face like snakes. Lisa looked pale and drowned, while her hair, hanging limp and dead, was plastered to her face. 


from the Daughters of Albion



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