16    Dragon-men

Shadowy men & dogs hunt Jack, Catherine & Ken on a fairy road

They’re not dogs, they’re dragons!” thought Jack
Art: Paul

They slowed down. Soon they stopped altogether, hanging helpless in the ley line, buffeted by turbulence.

“The men coming back.”

Ken reached for his inhaler and grabbed a sly puff as the shadows plummeted at them through the swirling blue rings of light.

“They are not coming, but growing.”

It was hard to judge what they were doing, but the more Jack looked the more he thought Catherine was right. The shadows were growing, getting clearer too. He saw  young men with long hair, dressed in extravagant costumes, each with a hulking brute of a dog. As he watched, the swirling light peeled back, making it look as if the men were being forced into the tunnel from another world.


from Chapter 9    Shadows

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