28    Ken and the Griffins

Thomas vanishes when he reaches home
leaving Jack, Ken & Catherine to face the
monstrous griffins alone.


Ken succeeds in mastering the griffins with the help of his fairy ring.

Art: Gloria Dexter



Before Ken had gone ten meters the griffin bounded out of the woods, coming to a halt in front of him with an almighty thud.

“Told you!” he announced, sounding a bit out of breath.

Running to join him, Catherine suggested, “Pretend to head to the gate. We can cut into the woods later.”

“No!” Ken was determined. “Bess said the ring has the power to bind mortal and fairy.”

He raised his hand, pointing the ring at the griffin. “By the power of the ring you see. Thus I bind thee unto me!”

The huge beast reared, unfurling massive wings, and let out a mighty screech. At more than four meters high on its hind legs, they seemed no bigger than ants before it. The griffin landed with a huge crash that sprayed gravel in all directions like bullets.

“That stung!” Jack yowled, as a piece, sharp as shrapnel, struck him in the face.

Catherine and Jack started to back away, but Ken stood his ground; defiant. Heartbeats dragged past like minutes as he squared up to the griffin. After what felt like an eternity, the huge creature dropped to its knees and stretching out full length on the drive put its huge eagle’s head between its muscular feathered forelimbs, like a naughty puppy.

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Griffins by Gloria Dexter 


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