27    Trapped by Agnes Day

The friends take Thomas the Rhymer to a church where they have discovered a fairy road to his home. Agnes and her thugs are waiting for them.  

Agnes Day in the Good Shepherd

Agnes Day thrust a fist in the air, roaring out the words, “Fiat lux!”
 Art: Paul
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There was no light other than the last of the day coming through the high narrow windows, and there was very little of that. There was not even enough to light up the stained glass window over the altar, which simply looked black, except for a vague milky patch in the middle.

“Where are you?” Jack shouted.

“Here!” Alison stepped from behind a screen.

“We don’t have a lot of time!” he reminded her; annoyed at her messing them about.

Jack was not the only unhappy one. Catherine thought Thomas looked particularly worried. But that was Thomas, always up or down, either over the moon or spooked. There seemed to be no happy medium with him.

Alison was half way down the church in front of a side chapel. Behind her was a statue of the Virgin Mary lit by racks of devotional tapers, between her and the statue stood Agnes Day.

“What are you doing here?” Catherine demanded.

“Hear her out! You gave me the crystal to see people’s hearts and her heart’s true; see for yourself,” she said, passing Jack the necklace.

“It’s not too late Alison, let’s run,” he whispered squeezing her hand.

Alison pulled away from him. “She wants to help rescue Dan! Her poor sister was taken!”

“What have you done?” Jack moaned in despair.

“It’s not what have I done. It’s what can you do! We’re children Jack! All of us just children! Really, what can any of us do? We need her!”

“We have done fine so far.” Catherine was angry. Ignoring Alison, she stared straight at Agnes Day. An almost imperceptible flick of her eyes was enough to convince Catherine something was wrong. Instinctively she screamed, “Run Thomas!”

From behind came the noise of three burly men charging down the nave. It did not take a genius to know they were blocking the escape route to the door.

“Get him,” Agnes commanded, pointing at Thomas, who ran for the shadows in panic.

As he did, Thomas seemed to merge with gloom, growing so faint, he looked almost transparent. Catherine thought she was seeing things, until she realised he was vanishing before her eyes.

Thrusting a fist in the air, Agnes Day roared out the words, “Fiat lux!”

A ball of blinding white light flared from her hand, instantly banishing all shadow. It took a moment or two for the dazzles to clear but when they did, everyone saw Thomas was gone.

“Damn!” Agnes grunted. “Hold them, while I smoke him out.”

Her goons hesitated, recovering from the shock of the sudden glare. It gave the three friends a split second start. As one, they tore off down the church towards the altar, and a possible way out through the sacristy at the rear.

The light on Agnes’ fist dimmed, letting shadow creep back. Suddenly the church was lit again. This time by a glow so fierce, it seemed the building was on fire. The setting sun had caught the huge stained glass window over the altar. At its heart, amid ranks of angels and gaudy saints, lay a pure white lamb with a golden halo. Its foreleg held a spear tipped with a white pennant showing a blood red cross on which blazed the words ‘Agnus Dei Lamb of God’.


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 Agnes Day with Ken, Jack & Catherine at the Good Shepherd
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