26    The Griffins Hunt

Following the map the friends are hunted by enormous griffins

They saw a griffin outlined against the moon
Art: Paul

A raised terrace topped by a short wall of delicate columns and eight stout plinths, held shapeless statues. 

“One of them statues moved.

Catherine clearly saw the shape of the statue’s head, a bird with a wickedly curved beak. One of the statues stood up on its plinth. It looked more like a lion than a bird; until it unfurled huge eagle wings. All the statues were moving. All were the same, a lion’s body with an eagle’s head and wings.

from Chapter 26    The Griffins Hunt

The griffin stared straight at them

Standing less than ten meters from the griffin, they could clearly see the huge beast in the brightening daylight. Could hear it breathe as its chest moved. Hear the gravel scrunch as it shifted its weight. 

Taller than a man, its eagle head was covered in sharp black feathers that glistened as if made of metal. The feathers flowed onto the shoulders, where a lion has its mane, and here the wings started, now folded neatly along the length of its back. Its front legs were like a bird’s, covered in feathers and ending in talons the size of meat hooks. The hind legs were a lion’s with massive square paws, bigger than their heads.

  from Chapter 26    The Griffins Hunt

Griffin against the moon

Art: Donata

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