3      Jack's Dream II

Large unseen beasts lurk in the shadows as the beautiful lady drags Jack to her house

  Jack thought of all those horror films he never should have watched

Art: Gloria Dexter



Soon they were entangled in a wilderness of pine and thick rhododendron, whose glossy black leaves sucked the last of the light from the evening sky.

Jack heard things lumbering about in the suffocating gloom of the woods. Branches cracking as large, heavy animals blundered into them. It made him think it was not a good idea to run away; even if he could. Once or twice, he thought he saw shapes, but never clearly enough to make out what they were. He could tell they were massive, like lions or horses, but too big for either. From every side they hooted and screeched, making him wonder if they were dinosaurs. When the forest gave way to a gravel drive, he was relieved the creatures stayed in the trees.

Ahead was the creepy old mansion he saw earlier. Once again, he thought of all those scary films he never should have watched. As they approached the house, the windows filled with light and music floated on the breeze. Reaching the front porch, the door swung open making the music louder, the lights brighter. Drifts of heady perfume left Jack heavy-eyed, yet giddy with recklessness. As though in a dream, he stepped inside. The front door slammed behind him and all hell broke loose.

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