10 Jack and Catherine

After the tramps flees Jack returns to school feeling confident. 

After yesterday's outburst, the only person who talks to Jack

is Catherine; very clever & very unpopular.

Catherine: a right know-it-all

Art: Gloria Dexter


There was one scary moment halfway across the playground when he heard someone coming after him. He was just about to run when a girl’s voice shouted his name. It was Catherine.

“Thanks for bringing my homework!”

“It seemed the right thing to do.”

“Well, it was nice, especially after what happened.” Jack stopped. He had the sudden urge to tell her everything. Even though the last thing he needed was anyone thinking he was weirder than they already thought he was.

“I heard about yesterday,” Catherine said psychically. “You know what this place is like!” She sounded apologetic.

Jack did not know what to say. After a few drawn out moments of embarrassing silence, inspiration struck. “Sorry about my dad.”

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