5      Happy Thoughts

Chased through the forest by unseen creatures,

Jack reaches a lake

 He was amazed to see the beautiful lady wrapped in the light and floating towards him

Art: Donata

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Donata Zawadzka

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Something moved in the water.

Oh no, what now?

Just a frog. Ha, lots of frogs.

As Jack leant forward to look at them, Dan’s face rushed to greet him from the lake’s dark depths. Astonished, he bent down, instinctively reaching out for Dan. His brother vanished in a pool of ripples as Jack’s fingers broke the surface.

A golden glow shivered over the water. Jack quickly looked up to see the beautiful lady from the park floating towards him, wrapped in the light.

“Happy thoughts are the thoughts of the many, while sad thoughts are yours alone.” Her warm, musical voice was hung with a thousand tinkling silver bells. “Do not choose solitude, be one with the one. Think happy thoughts.”

On the lily pads a frog orchestra struck up a jolly tune as she burst into song,

“Hap, hap, happy thoughts, happy thoughts, think about things you like to do. You’ve got to have your dreams. For if you never dream, then how you going to have your dreams come true?”

With fireworks blazing in the twilight sky, Jack sat bolt upright. He was in bed. It was morning.

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