6      The tramp on the wall

A tramp on a neighbour's wall spooks Jack because he is staring at his house. 

When Jack realises no one else can see him, he starts to get worried.

Thomas the Rhymer

more like a hippy than a tramp

Art: Gloria Dexter


Curious, Jack went to the window to see if he was right. Old Gibson was nowhere to be seen, but the tramp was still on the wall. And he was staring straight at Jack’s house. Unable to shake off a creepy feeling, Jack hastily ducked behind the curtains, like Mum when nosing.

The tramp was old, about twenty or thirty; a strange looking man with pasty white skin and thick eyebrows hooding glaring black eyes, dead as buttons. His clothes were like something from a jumble sale: a funny old jacket with piping down the front; stripy flared trousers; muddy heavy boots, and a woolly hat over filthy uncombed hair. He seemed more like a hippy than a tramp. But regardless, he was certainly not somebody old Gibson would want hanging about his property.

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