Finn Mac Cool
is an edgy adult fantasy novel

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‘Finn Mac Cool puts a stick of dynamite in your head & blows your mind.’

‘Unique. There is nothing out there like it.’

Fascinated by your Irish ancestry? Or just intrigued with Celtic myth?

If you enjoy edgy, adult fantasy novels: crude, rude, violent, sexy and funny

Read Finn Mac Cool


Quarantined for decade after a terrible plague, Ireland relives the glory  of its ancient past

Ireland ... fifteen years in the future & fifteen hundred years in the past

Ireland … where myths are real & gods & heroes walk 

Ireland … where fairies drive trucks & live in inflated domes

Ireland … where a mad priest & a brutal king squabble over a nuclear weapon

Ireland … where druids are doctors… psychiatrists… lawyers… &... tricksters

Ireland … where a drug fuelled orgy passes for religion

Ireland … where women are worshipped as goddesses & treated like crap

Ireland … where an ancient war between North & South echoes a troubled past


When the fairy folk deliver a soldier called Finn (the first outsider in plague-stricken Ireland for a decade) Erin believes he is Finn Mac Cool - returned to kill the tyrant King Conor Mac Nessa of Ulster. and free Great Queen Maeve - Ireland’s true ruler & Erin’s dying mother.

The druids kidnap Finn - planning to turn him into the hero Finn Mac Cool - who will save the world by destroying it. Erin goes in looking for Finn - so he can kill Conor Mac Nessa before her mother’s dream of a free Ireland dies with her.

Erin’s quest draws her ever-deeper into Ireland’s ancient mythological landscape; a place…

… where dream and reality merge

… where a man’s fate is written fifteen hundred years before he was born

… where books are legends & a library a myth

… where people hate Christians for defying the gods

… where phony druids use real magic

… where the vicious dead rampage through abandoned cities

 Finn Mac Cool speaks of things no decent Christian ought to know


Finn Mac Cool

contains adult material
violence, sex, drug use & swearing


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Finn Mac Cool Part 1

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After being brutally imprisoned Erin must choose between personal happiness & her destiny as Goddess and Great Queen.

She agrees to legitimise Finn’s reign through marriage - even though she can’t stand him. No wonder she looks angry.

Erin has short hair because her head was shaved when confined to a nunnery.

Sent as an assassin to Ireland, the druids mold Finn into the prophesied saviour Finn Mac Cool. His dog Tuan Mac Carrell helps resurrect the old legend of Finn & his Fenians as werewolves

Finn Mac Cool’s best friend  Dermot O’ Dyna is the novel’s true hero.
Guileless, courageous & loyal, he comes to a  sticky end when he takes up with Gronya - a woman Finn considers his rightful property.
Dermot’s death completes the Fenian myth cycle propelling Finn to the throne of Ireland & ultimately a chance at redemption.

King Conor Mac Nessa of Ulster was a British Army Officer in Belfast before the plague.

Because of  infection  the World Health Organisation would not send relief workers. 

Using the remnants of the armed forces to impose order & provide relief, they unwittingly sowed the seeds of  civil war between the military & the free Irish under Great Queen Maeve.

 A young idealistic Conor Mac Nessa before the Troubles

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