Finn Mac Cool Part 1


To generate interest I am giving
Finn Mac Cool Part 1 away free (for a limited time)
from this website & Kobo

I am also trying to give them away as a limited period offer on
Barnes & Noble (Nooks) & Amazon (Kindle)
Currently both sites require a minimum price (around £1 or US$1)

Download FREE below

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 Mobi for Kindle

 Somebody asked how to load a Mobi file on to a Kindle.

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Finn Mac Cool contains adult material depicting
sex, violence, drug use & strong language

Instead of a FREE DOWNLOAD you can get
Finn Mac Cool (Part 1)
Amazon Kindle (MOBI file), Barnes & Noble (E-pub File)
Kobo (E-pub file)

Currently Amazon, & Barnes & Noble
charge under £1.00 (UK) or $1.00 (US)

Kobo is free

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