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Photocopy of Mr Grin's photograph attached to the copy of his speech 

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Fairies - A Hidden History

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Fairies: A Hidden History
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To everyone who believes in fairies,

 Everything about this book is a mystery; from how it came into my possession to its purported author. It was pushed through the door. A thin volume, expensively bound in soft green leather with the title etched in gold letters, ‘Fairies: A Hidden History - Collected Essays of Horatio Grin’.

Inside was Horatio Grin’s business card. Written on the back, in an elegant copperplate hand, was a short message telling me to spread the word. Beneath he added (8°=3); whatever that means.

The book holds of a number of short essays on fairy lore, fairy history and magic, written from a British perspective. He claims fairies are not ‘cute little things with gossamer wings’ but beings with extraordinary powers.

Horatio Grin, a character from my book ‘Thomas the Rhymer’ is based on a real person. The mock photograph I created for the website is based on his actual photograph above. The Short History of the Fairy Race on the website is based on one of his essays.

Before I started writing Thomas the Rhymer an acquaintance gave me a  copy of Mr Grin’s essay. I did not take much notice. I thought my friend was entirely credulous. He would believe anything, even purple spaceships over Yatton. I only read the essay, when writing Thomas the Rhymer.

Intrigued, looked up Mr Grin and found him on a British Occult History site, listed as a alchemist. It gave a biography and there was a copy of the old photograph my friend gave me (Click photo for the website).

Mr Grin’s speech was the inspiration for the fairies in the Jack Hughes Books.

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